Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring comes to The Lake

determined to get a March post in given the most beautiful weather we have had this year.

I have closely cropped my feathered friends as wanted to focus on reflections,colour and texture in this collection

this pair are quite amusing as do everything in tandem and are like synchronised swimmers

what I wanted to capture here was the moment of stand-off between the goose and the two gulls who had both swooped in to try and get some bread.She was just a bit closer  and they were the unlucky ones. On watching the scene unfold over a couple of minutes however it was clear that the gulls are higher in the pecking order on the water.

ah, my swans had retreated to the shallows today and I didn't spot them until the very end of the walk

again, I closely cropped this as was more interested in the reflections