Thursday, 26 December 2013

and so the year ends...

The past year has been challenging in many ways but has also been affirming. People have moved out of my life where others have stepped back in. Those around me who will always be there have provided support and unconditional love. The coming year holds hope and promise.
 My walks with Milo remain a constant source of energy and pleasure ( whatever the weather chucks at us) and those who share in them will always be welcome and part of that unique partnership.

Christmas day - the walk mum and I enjoy every year. The torrential rain of recent days cleared..

Boxing day walk with Frankie

everywhere is waterlogged of course

I happened to be in the park a couple of Sundays ago when the sun was setting and yes, the sky really was this colour

another sunset from last Sunday

the aftermath of a hail storm last week

all of these photos were taken with my new  iPhone 5 which I will unashamedly advertise because the picture quality is second to none...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

distracted by Porcelain fungus

Very occasionally and if I'm lucky , once a season I will come across a real find. Sunday was such a day . The Porcelain fungus on this dead Beech covered it from base to crown and was stunning and quite magnificent.
Unfortunately, and because I was so distracted for a prolonged period of time, I failed to notice Frankie had become stuck up a tree behind me...

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Autumn finds

The next few weeks of the year are probably my favourite as they herald the most vibrant colours that nature has to offer with fallen leaves and berries.

I never set my pictures up, preferring to take photos of objects exactly as I find them. This simple, lone acorn was perched on a fallen Silver birch trunk

the rain has revitalised the Jelly Ears

Birch Polypore


Sunday, 6 October 2013

early morning webs

up and out early this morning with mum, the dewy cobwebs were delightful .This one had been woven into a basket suspended between leaves. Difficult to capture its beauty.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

the best things in life are free

The fungi season got off to a magnificent start and is producing some fungi I've not come across, always a thrill. The Boletes in particular are one to watch this year. Too many to showcase here unfortunately.

this beaut is in residence under the window sill and is getting bigger by the day

Slippery Jack Suillus luteus

cracking bolete

Powdery Brittlegill Russula parazurea

Branching Oyster

Yellow Stagshorn

root rot of some type I would think

Tyromyces chioneus, the first season I have seen this bracket

Common Earthball

Amethyst Deceiver- just missed the fly in the bottom of the photo landing on the cap

beautiful folds of a Deceiver

this Bolete is a first for me and had a gold sheen- not a clue what it is which is mightily frustrating

Beefsteak Fungus,Fistulina hepatica