Sunday, 5 August 2012


The only insects liking the persistent rain are flies. They are out in their droves - especially with the current humidity. There is a complete lack of butterflies who need sunlight both to collect nectar and feed and also to find a mate. Patches of sunlight would do it but we don't even seem to be able to provide this.
My lack of recent posts reflect the dampening effect of our weather on the insect population. My only hope is raised expectations for a spectacular fungi season.

there are several wasp-like flies, the give away being the fly eyes and antennae

Graphomyia Maculata ,mainly found on waterside flowers

Leucozona Lucorum

I can only think that given how tiny this was and a lack of other identification in my reference book this is a young Scorpian fly

this fascinating and perfectly constructed papery cocoon is possibly that of a moth such as The Burnet

Meadow Plant Bug

Soldier beetle

The Cinnabar- loves ragwort on which it feeds gregariously

The Burnet, a day flying moth which protects itself with distasteful poisons and spends a lot of time resting on flowers