Sunday, 22 September 2013

the best things in life are free

The fungi season got off to a magnificent start and is producing some fungi I've not come across, always a thrill. The Boletes in particular are one to watch this year. Too many to showcase here unfortunately.

this beaut is in residence under the window sill and is getting bigger by the day

Slippery Jack Suillus luteus

cracking bolete

Powdery Brittlegill Russula parazurea

Branching Oyster

Yellow Stagshorn

root rot of some type I would think

Tyromyces chioneus, the first season I have seen this bracket

Common Earthball

Amethyst Deceiver- just missed the fly in the bottom of the photo landing on the cap

beautiful folds of a Deceiver

this Bolete is a first for me and had a gold sheen- not a clue what it is which is mightily frustrating

Beefsteak Fungus,Fistulina hepatica