Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Stinkhorn and a frog

On a beautifully sunny, late summer's evening the whiff of the mighty Stinkhorn heralds the beginning of the fungi season for me. And what a great fungi season it promises to be. Already fungi are pushing through the damp earth to stake their claim on the forest floor. A summer of continuous rain should have prepared the woodlands well.. .

Of course I smelt this well before I saw it and in the interests of my photography was prepared to get up close and personal. It comes as no surprise that the only living thing prepared to eat this is a fly

the Stinkhorn eggs are often eaten by slugs before they can develop- these are equally as nauseating on the nostrils

will look this Bolete up

Crab Brittlegill (Russula xerampelina)-home to a woodlouse
Red Cracking Bolete

this tiny frog was no more than 1.5 cm long, making it difficult to focus the camera and keep my hand still at the same time.


as above