Sunday, 17 April 2011

a sunny Sunday in spring

Dandelion clock

I have a headache from attempting to identify the woodland and meadow flowers that are now out in abundance- I have an overwhelming feeling of ignorance and frustration..


for some reason these geese amused me no end  planted as they were in the middle of a field..

not a particularly good picture and I wish I'd got a telephoto lens to capture this nesting swan serenely tucked away on the bank of the lake

given the unseasonally dry weather these fungi were a real find on a tree stump.Of course I have absolutely no idea what they are.Frankie poked them with a stick to find they were gelatinous and almost like puffballs (although are not) . I will return in a couple of weeks to see what becomes of them. UPDATE 24/5/11-have just found out these are Enteridium lycoperdan or False puffballs and are in fact slime mould and not fungi at all (which would explain why there was no trace of them on revisiting the spot a couple of weeks later-mystery over!)

this specimen was on the side of an Ash tree and was the size and consistancy of a hard boiled egg..?

update on 24/5/11 -have just found out these are not fungi but slime mould Enteridium lycoperdon or false puff ball

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