Sunday, 22 May 2011

quintessentially England

A blustery bright Sunday afternoon with a new walk in mind mapped out on a scrappy piece of paper... a lesson learned indeed
the magnificent Oak

we were hopelessly lost by this point but the beauty of these swans and their cygnets serenely sailing down the stream were a welcome distraction-until they started hissing madly at us as they approached the bridge 

going one way...

half an hour later coming back...(.the bug box in Frankie's right hand containing a lone ladybird had lost it's appeal by now)

I actually went in for a shot of the Vetch and it wasn't until my lens was on top of it that I noticed the other guests

a rare shot where Frankie actually managed to keep her finger still ( and not lose the caterpillar) long enough for me to focus..

I have come across some fungi new to me in the past fortnight but I'm unable to identify it.Have hopefully found a forum which might be able to help- until then I shall continue to sulk that nothing in my reference books comes anywhere close to helping....

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