Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Gold-Ringed Dragonfly

Gold- Ringed Dragonfly Cordulegaster boltoni
coming across this magnificent and striking insect more than made up for the tedious 6 hour drive to Devon the day before. It was unfazed by me or the camera and perched quite happily. I was enthralled by it's huge forest green eyes. This dragonfly breeds in running water but will often hunt in sunny lanes far from water.

a writhing mass of Small Eggar caterpillars

order Hymenoptera, an Ichneumon,although I haven't decided which species yet (some assistance please mum)

a somewhat ragged Large White

another Gatekeeper

one of my favourites to date although the picture doesn't quite do justice to it's shimmering bronze colour.  Order Hemiptera; Forest Bug, Pentatoma rufipes

a Brown of some sort,possibly a Large Heath

probably a Garden Tiger caterpillar,often referred to as the woolly bear

a post dedicated to ladybirds is on it's way...!

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