Sunday, 6 July 2014

A bite or two..

Last summer was so disappointing on the insect front what with the wet and windy weather. This year I am determined to find the insects and in doing so have been bitten repeatedly by flies ( saw flies I presume). They land and settle long enough to draw beads of blood and the bites then swell to the size of 50 pence pieces. I remain undeterred ....

Common Green Capsid Lygocoris pabulinus, a herbivorous bug

Miris striatus, a mirid bug feeding partly on young leaves but also small caterpillars and soft bodied flies

a lady bird larva, in abundance this year, these like the adults are carnivorous

The Cinnabar moth caterpillar


this is a first this year, a female Oedemara nobelis beetle

one of 400 species of saw fly in the UK

an ichneumon, characterised by antennae of at least 16 small segments

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