Friday, 17 June 2011

'the wood is decked in light green leaf'

Cow Parsley loved up by bugs

aged Oak apples

Malachite beetle (characterised by its red rear)

like a tightly wrapped parcel this fern frond is waiting to unfurl

in my (now common) naivity I thought a thistle was a thistle until I opened a book-am thinking it probably isn't a thistle at all.Another watch this space I'm afraid.

no idea what this bug with it's smaller companion in tow is. I did sit and watch it for an inordinately long time to see if anything interesting would happen when the smaller one crawled all over the other -but it remained static and I eventually got cramp in my hand through watching it magnified through my camera lens ...

ah-now I think this is Marsh Thistle
Common Spotted-orchid,'spotted' by an eagle-eyed mother so I can't take the credit

nothing to do with the woods of course,but in someones back garden along a quiet country lane.Why would anyone keep a llama? It made a good job of staring us down until we moved goats they apparantly eat any old rubbish.

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