Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the butterfly counts not months but moments...

a female Small White butterfly
A Burnet moth of some type-just not sure which.They are day moths and apt to being a little sluggish which is of course the only reason I got close enough with my camera and nothing to do with stealth and patience

I think this is a Green-Veined White butterfly

a Brown butterfly,characterised by the eye-spot on it's wing 

I have to admit to the fly pics holding a certain kind of appeal ..
a miniscule beetle of some sort
another teeny tiny and as yet unidentified beetle (or is it a bug?)
punch-drunk on pollen,if you zoom in you can see they are completely covered in pollen
Coleoptera,similar to the Wasp beetle,but it is in fact the Strangalia maculata
not sure they could have squeezed on any more if they tried
will have to consult mum about this one...
just lovin the fly eyes

these Cinnebar caterpillars are  getting fatter and juicier by the day


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