Thursday, 21 June 2012

The longest day

it feels as if this post should be simply titled 'Rain' as nothing else is happening (apart from everything growing). There are very few insects so far this year and an absence of beautiful butterflies as there has been no sun. Whilst I love walking in the rain it would seem the insects that I am seeking do not.
These next few photos are from walks in which the rain abated for a short while at least.

a Sawfly- again quite difficult to identify which given there are over 400 British species

Sloe bugs

this tiny bug just seemed to turn and look directly at me at exactly the right moment.I was laughing so much I knocked it off it's perch with my camera strap and missed the shot I was going for next

Scorpion fly

not a may look like a spider but clearly isn't as doesn't have enough legs!

16- Spot Ladybird

there are 42 species of Ladybird- my book does not stretch to this one

I'm fairly certain this is the weevil Phyllobius Pomaceus

for no other reason than I liked the angle of this pic

Gastrophysa Viridula- the mated female of this leaf beetle has a grossly distended abdomen with the elytra perched saddle -like on top of it

the same beetle viewed from above

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