Sunday, 3 June 2012

A month and more of rain...

After a brief reprieve last week from the incessant rain of recent weeks,it has returned. The upside is hopefully a good fungi season later in the year but for now getting out when the light is good enough to take photos is proving problematic..
A damp walk yesterday resulted in a couple of shots of insects which had been my purpose, but not nearly enough. The photos are in sequence of being taken.

well, I couldn't not include one in my post

insect eggs of some description caught in a droplet of rain. I'm not about to become an expert in insect eggs

the rather beautiful caterpillar of the Yellow-Tail moth

Yellow Dung-fly , feeds on other dung frequenting insects
 (I make no aploogies for my photographic interest in all insects -including flies with horrible eating habits such as this one)

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