Saturday, 13 November 2010

'The woods are lovely,dark, and deep..'

'The woods are lovely,dark,and deep,
 But I have promises to keep,
 And miles to go before I sleep,
 And miles to go before I sleep.'

Robert Frost

Most of the woods were sealed off today -grrr- for hunting (pheasants I presume). Still managed a lovely walk, just a bit nippy which means mum's 'dog walking hat ' will soon be making it's annual appearance  : ). Watch this space...
Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster Mushroom

Sulphur Tufts

no idea why these symbols have been painted on the trees....

...although think that whatever is going on with Frankie's hair is slightly more alarming...

here it is -The Stinkhorn and every bit as disgusting as it should be (shooed the flies off it first)

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