Sunday, 26 December 2010

25th December

What a gorgeous day-mum and I were up and out early and reaped the benefits of early morning sunshine and mists! The photos are in chronological order of our walk ( one of my personal favourites which we do when we have a little more time ) which took us across the fields and then down by the canals.

by the end of the walk he had a very fetching frosty beard !

spectacular icicles everywhere

ever present in the exact same spot!

I love the shadows cast by the trees and the (almost) unspoilt snow.Plenty of animal tracks and some which took a little thought to work out how they appeared to start and then stop after only a few yards.When we looked closely you could see very faintly the imprint of wings where  birds have landed and then taken off again. Too delicate unfortunately for my camera to pick up. 

 Managed to avoid the TV all day which was an added bonus...

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