Saturday, 18 December 2010

the sound of silence

I'm not sure that taking my camera out in a blizzard was the cleverest thing.....however the snow has it's own magical quality when there is no one around and it is so very quiet...

it seems that today  we have at last had our fair share of the snow-I am resisting making a comment about the twits out there driving in it

it goes without saying that Milo loves the stuff


  1. Yay Milo!

    My Mel is a greek rescue dog (and therefore a serious sun worshipper who hates cold, wet weather). She would rather stay buried under a duvet than venture out on days like these. But even she loves some snow - the powdery virgin type, freshly fallen. She can even get quite frisky - but once it becomes harder or compacted or has been trodden on by others - she won't have anything to do with it.

  2. Milo is a rescue dog too and a lovely, lovely animal. He likes to think of himself as a lapdog and to my utter shame the rest of the family encourage it! His only downfall is greed...(oh and the occasional squirrel) :)