Saturday, 12 February 2011

life in the hedgerows

I have noticed in the last week or so that there are small signs of new life in the hedgerows-hooray...
I'm sure it's a little early even for ladybirds though

I have bought 2 more fungi books to help with identification (one of which has disappeared into the ether already-probably hidden by a family member to prevent me poring over it) but remain unenlightened (not sure if that's a word)

I had to go back for another look at these beauties

Split  Porecrust

 Jelly Ear- a different colour to the usual brown/reddish

Cramp Balls (King Alfred's Cakes)-traditionally used to prevent cramp and particular to Ash and Birch.These were about 3-4 cm in diameter

he never tires of the canals
the underside of a Mazegill varient

Dead Molls Fingers (hmm -on reflection I'm thinking the angle is a little unfortunate..! )

Silver Leaf fungus
this lovely old Oak was completely covered in the above

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