Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jacob sheep and brackets

a rare breed-Jacob sheep.This fella has magnificent horns and I'm truly thankful he was the other side of the fence. These sheep were kept to guard farm buildings and protect other livestock from predators in days gone by, and  might explain why mother and her walking partner were chased across the field by these beauties the day before! (it is a public footpath though which is a little alarming)

this was one of 2 carcasses in the same field the sheep were in and judging by the horns I'm guessing it was a lamb of the above breed. Given the nature of these sheep it would be interesting to know what can get close enough to kill the offspring

not a particularly good photo but the bracket was high in the tree.Think it is a Willow bracket with a new layer forming each year.Not come across one of these despite it's commonness (is that a word even?).

I can't seem to stop the child from getting into scrapes...

Stump puffballs still going strong

no idea- about 6cm in diameter ? Silverleaf Fungus

wondering if this is Tripe fungus or Hairy Curtain Crust (delightful name) but actually clueless - I clearly need some more ID books

nothing in my books resembles these,grrr- about 6mm in diameter ? Beech Woodwart

beautiful bark

I make no apologies for more of the aged Birch Polypore as am just enjoying this marvellous colouring

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