Wednesday, 27 October 2010


most boletes are characterised by a spongy layer of vertical tubes on the underside of the cap,many are specialised and only grow in association with the roots of certain trees

Xerocomus subtomentosus Yellow-cracked Boletus

Suillus bovinus Shallow-pored Boletus or Jersey Cow Boletes- mum and I stumbled across this at the edge of  pine woodland-unfortunately Milo careered into it and knocked the cap off before I had a chance to take a good look .Edible apparantly
something has clearly been having a good gnaw..
really struggling to ID this beauty-think it is possibly Tylopilus felleus Bitter Boletus

I was more interested in imagining which woodland creature had managed to make the claw marks on the cap without breaking it..

probably Xerocomus badius Bay Boletus

no idea!

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  1. Why can't it be a clutch of Stinkhorn eggs, and Tylopilus could be the mottled bolete Leccinum..check it out on your birthday tomorrow!