Thursday, 21 October 2010

October -toadstools and 'shrooms

Laccaria amethystea Amethyst Deceiver and Laccaria laccata The Deceiver

Coprinus comatus Shaggy Ink Cap  The only ink cap of the season to my intense frustration. The  Magpie Inkcap continues to elude me!

Tricholomopsis rutilans Plums and Custard

Mycena genus- I didn't notice the spider until I was downloading the photo

the ever beautiful Laccaria amethystea Amethyst Deceiver

this was taken near the end of the season , the caps begin to split as they age,but I love the flower- like shape this one forms

Coprinus disseminatus Trooping Crumble Cap

still not sure about the ID of this tiny delicate shroom-probably of the Mycena genera

Kuehneromyces mutabilis Two-toned Pholiota (I wouldn't even attempt to pronounce this one)

not altogether sure about this-think is probably one of the most common Inocybe species-the Inocybe flocculosa Flocculose Inocybe

Russula mairei Beechwood Sickener-deadly poisonous

Amanita family as it has the signature 'universal veil'-the remains of which can be seen as patches on the top of the cap

there's something endearing about the arrangement of these 3-fairly certain they are of the Clitocybe family

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