Sunday, 31 October 2010

the last of the fungi...

It's official- I am a 'mycophile'!  My lovely sister has bought me the definitive guide - Mushrooms by Roger Phillips for the long winter nights ahead... I fear I may have to go back and reclassify some of my photos though.
The following are photos taken over the weekend and although it has been mild again it is getting  harder to spot the fungi due to leaf litter.

Trametes versicolor Turkeytail

Xylaria hypoxylon Stag's Horn or Candlesnuff Fungus

Xylaria polymorpha Dead Moll's Fingers- significantly smaller but just as revolting as Dead Man's Fingers

I think this is Gloeophyllum sepiarium Conifer Mazegill

probably Armillaria mellea Honey Fungus-attacks and kills living trees and shrubs

Tricholomopsis decora Prunes and Custard as opposed to Plums and Custard (on an earlier post)

Armillaria mellea Honey Fungus

I love the way this Birch Polypore appears to be bursting out of the bark

I think this is possibly the rather lovely named Pleurocybella porrigens Angel's Wings 

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